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Character: Kenneth Parker
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Canon: Original (Wishteria)
Canon point: 4 June 2000, six months after the founding of Wishteria
Age: 76. His body's been aged down to his late twenties to match Liam's physical age and the City history given.
Appearance: Standing at 6’1, Ken doesn’t seem like a big person, being more lithe than bulky. Most of the time, he tends to slouch to make himself look smaller. Because of an old injury, he walks with a limp and sometimes uses a cane to get around (in game, half of his leg would be missing and would have a prosthetic instead, still keeping the limp and needing the cane). His hair is dark and curly, looking messier than it actually is because of his curls. The clothes he wears tend to be more on the casual side, though he will dress nicer if he sees a need to. Because of his training, he has a large presence, canceling out his attempts to be small and unnoticeable by making him seem larger than life and the type of person people would notice almost immediately.

Personality: Ken at first glance can be easily described as incredibly stable. Upon slightly closer inspection reveals that this isn’t exactly right and stable is instead actually detached. He seems apathetic to the people around him, not exactly pushing them away, but making himself look unapproachable. This makes it difficult for people to get close to Ken and he tends to act as if he doesn’t want new people to do so. When dealing with people in the workplace, he tends to thaw out a lot, acting more like a shy if slightly distant man than the apathetic and detached man that’s usually seen. Whether this is him being closer to his coworkers and employees than random people or just his attempt to not alienate the people he has to deal with is something only he knows (and it’s a bit of both, actually).

The distance and apathy Ken has towards people is just a mask he’s built up over the years, starting when he was first training to take his father’s place as ringleader of the circus. A naturally shy person to begin with, Ken shut himself off when off stage as his persona on stage was open and getting people to focus on him. This changed for the worse after the war and what was just large amounts of shyness turned more into a wall he’s placed between himself and the world around him, only allowing a select few to get close. It’s a defense mechanism to keep himself from being hurt again like he had been during the war.

Behind his mask, he’s a caring and gentle individual. It’s very hard to move him to anger unless it involves threats to his family and even then, he tries to stay cool and rational about it. Not surprisingly, he tends to be very serious when it comes to most things and on topics that he cares greatly about, he becomes very passionate about them. For the most part though, he tends to come off as a bit eccentric and old fashioned in his ways. Well, as old fashioned as a man who was raised in a circus and ended up in a relationship with a male ghost can be. Ken is a bit of a secret romantic, which is obvious when he’s around Liam. He’s still not one to talk much even when he’s not hiding behind his defenses, but when he does, it’s normally straight to the point and never without reason. His sense of humor can switch between dry sarcasm to horribly inappropriate to innuendo depending on the circumstances, changing between them to maximize the shock value from people who don’t know him.

It’s not all sunshine with Ken though. He’s very possessive of people, especially of Liam and his daughter, though it was mostly hidden due to the fact that Liam is dead and it comes off as protectiveness towards his daughter. This doesn’t make Ken stop the people he’s possessive of from talking to others, instead him not wanting other people to get too close to his family. Combine this with a large dose of paranoia and it makes Ken very difficult to be around sometimes. Because of his participation in War World II, he has post-traumatic stress disorder and thanks to his distance away from most people, it’s not really noticeable unless you’re looking for it. He has trouble in stressful situations because of it and when he’s able to, he drinks and is a functioning alcoholic. Ken can also be very stubborn about things, especially if they happen to be damaging to his ego and is willing to hurt himself if it keeps his ego intact.

In game, Ken’s first priority is going to be helping Liam through getting himself used to being alive and dealing with his own feelings now that his lover is now once again among the living. After that, he would deal with the issues that come with finding himself in a younger body after so long and then decide what to do about the whole ‘your life was only a dream’ thing. He wouldn’t find himself particularly useful in the situation and would instead try to help by being the ever sympathizing bartender to the people willing to find out more about the City and whether or not the dream is only a dream. And then wonder why the hell he apparently runs a drag club with his husband because that will never stop being the weirdest thing about this whole situation.

History: Born in 1924, Ken was born to one of the largest and strangest of families: the circus. His father James was the ringleader and his mother Jezebel (or Jess, as she preferred to be called) was the fortune teller and a natural medium. Everyone in the circus helped to raise Ken and since a number of them were not human, he learned about the supernatural side of the world at a very young age and at first didn't realize that most people had no idea they existed.

As he grew older, James wished for Ken to follow in his footsteps and become ringleader of the circus. While he was good at it, being ringleader wasn't something he wanted to do, as he was shy and didn't feel comfortable standing in front of all those people and commanding their attention. He planned for years to figure out how to get out of it until he was sixteen and the Blitz was starting to end. Taking advantage of the chaos, Ken left the circus and joined the army, claiming he was eighteen.

Somehow during his joining, he was made an officer and finished training a year later, joining up with a unit as a lieutenant and was second in command as the major in charge had been killed in a recent battle and the captain had taken command until somebody could replace them. It was then that he met Sergeant Liam McNally who, while much older than him, was willing to keep an eye on him. The two became close friends despite their conflicting personalities and became an almost inseparable team over three years.

Then Liam died. During the Battle of the Falaise Pocket, Liam was shot in the chest, killing him. Ken saw him die and lost it, running out into the fighting in an attempt to die and be with his friend. It didn't succeed and when the Germans were successfully pushed back, Ken found his way back to Liam's body and noticed his ghost for the first time. Even knowing his friend was still around after his untimely demise, Ken became understandably depressed over it and Liam worked hard to pull Ken out of it.

A month after Liam’s dead, Ken nearly died and it was because of that near death experience that they kissed each other for the first time and realized that they loved each other, even if it was a bit late. This fact helped pull Ken out of his previous depression and went back to working hard to protect his unit and keeping himself alive for both his and Liam’s sake, now with additional help from Liam. The war continued on and Ken almost made it to the end of the war without any more major injuries. A month until the end of the war, April of 1945, Ken was shot in the leg trying to save his unit from being pinned down. This leg injury was severe enough to get him honorably discharged from the military and forced him to walk with a cane for the rest of his life, though Ken would do his best to walk without it.

Because of his actions on the battlefield, Ken was knighted and afterwards returned to the circus with Liam at his side. His parents, who had no idea what had happened to their son, were obviously angry with him and yet glad to see that he came back to them alive. The entire circus and Ken hid this from Liam so that he wouldn’t get involved with the family issues, though there was always a hint of tension between everyone. They both had their own issues integrating back into civilian life and in 1947, Ken was finally convinced to enroll in university and do something with his life that wasn’t the circus life his family dreamed for him.

University was a unique experience for Ken and he made few friends, but he didn’t mind much. Living with roommates was a challenge thanks to Liam staying with him and near the end of his time, he ended up moving out of the dorms and into his own flat so that he wouldn’t have to continue dealing with both Liam and his roommates. He ended up getting a business degree, not really knowing what he wanted to do with his life and deciding to figure it out as he went along. With Liam’s help, Ken would start up a few businesses and hand them over to people he thought would help the company succeed without it being at the expense of others, never really seeing the need to stick to one company and grow under his oversight.

He eventually settled into a routine that would be unchanged for around twenty years. In March of 1968, Liam returned home in the early hours with a baby. Liam had been asked for help in a murder case by questioning the deceased and instead of finding relevant information, found the victims’ baby daughter instead, promising to take care of her for them. Ken couldn’t say no and using his contacts, he was able to get a few strings pulled so he could adopt baby Joell and raise her together with Liam.

Raising a daughter was difficult, especially since one of them was dead, but everything turned out fine in the end, barring a bit of teenage rebellion where Joell dated a German boy just to anger her dads. She gained her doctorate in archaeology and Ken was rather pleased with her decision to explore the myths of the world, even when Liam was very skeptical of the whole idea of it. When she left to travel the world after graduating, she left behind her boyfriend Derek to see how a long distance relationship would work, which gave Ken and Liam a sort of unofficial son-in-law because of it.

In 2000, Ken got the surprise of his life when Liam founded a company for his birthday and their anniversary, among other things, that was called Wishteria. It focused on granting the wishes of people with enough money to pay for their services (namely, millionaires and such), with all proceeds going to charity. He and Liam hired an eclectic group of people to assist them with the company and with Derek thought of as the one in charge, Ken decided to use the company as an excuse to relax and think of it as his retirement. There was only one bit of trouble and that was with the AI Tanya, who was a gift to Ken from Liam and became sentient, taking over Liam’s job of managing the books and earning the ghost’s dislike once he found out, forcing Ken to have to intervene and stop Liam from sulking like a child.

After that incident was resolved, Ken settled into this exciting new chapter of his life. Of course, as these things go, it was not allowed to continue. It was at that point that Ken woke up.

Powers/skills: In canon, Ken is a medium and for most of his life, unaware of this fact. Because of that, his abilities are weak and all he can do is see most ghosts as shadows, interact with them on a very limited level, and have a sixth sense to know where they are if they’re hiding from him in the same room as him.

In game, his medium abilities are going to be boosted a bit, with him outright seeing ghosts (to the point where he has trouble distinguishing them from the living), interacting with them physically as he would a living person, and his sixth sense able to work out to adjacent rooms (about a fifty or sixty foot radius around him).

Outside of powers, he’s a very smart man and capable of defending himself with guns, but he would prefer the diplomatic solution before he would actually fight. He’s a bit rusty when it comes to brawling thanks to actually being in his seventies, but he’s a quick study and could probably pick it back up. He’s also knowledgeable about supernatural creatures and business management, thanks to his upbringing and schooling respectively.

Name: George Kardos
Position: bar/ drag club owner
History: A native of the Diamond City, he was raised in the outer section of the outer ring with his family, a small nomadic band that traveled around to each district depending on the season. He did not go to a traditional school, instead learning the skills he would need to survive both in the city and outside in the wilds. It was by sheer luck and a bit of prejudice that George found himself meeting Owen Bates when he was sixteen, having run into the Rogue's Gallery to escape a group that thought he stole from them. Owen hid George from them and this was the beginning of their friendship.

George would later go off to war for a couple years against another city-state, where he lost his leg and had to get it replaced with a prosthetic. Not long after he returned and was in the hospital, Owen declared his love for him and proposed. He accepted and the two of them would run the Rogue's Gallery together after their wedding, George showing a knack for running a business and to keep Owen from losing his temper at the more irritating of people who would come in.

For three years, their lives were without much incident, which of course changed when the Disaster occurred.

[I have permission from DJ to include Owen in the history section.]
Proof: A video of George and Owen showing off their club.

First-person sample: I know that we're all going through a lot with waking up and finding ourselves here, but I would like to extend an invitation to the rest of us...Sleepers, I believe we're called by the people here? My husband and I find ourselves to be the owners of a bar here and it seems to be fully stocked. So if anybody needs a drink, you're welcome to come on by.

I'm not sure what the drinking age is here, but I'm going to say if you're under the age of eighteen, we won't be serving any alcoholic drinks to you. We'll be serving some non-alcoholic alternatives instead for the underage. It wouldn't be a good idea if we all ended up getting in trouble so soon after waking up and I, for one, would rather not have that.
Third-person sample: He always had trouble sleeping, but tonight there was a different reason than usual. This time the cause is a sleeping Liam curled up against his side, arm laying across Ken’s chest. It wasn’t that Liam was bothering or anything with the way he was sleeping, but instead just the fact that Liam was sleeping and wouldn’t fade away from the constant contact he had with Ken. He was afraid of waking up and finding that this was only a dream and Liam was still dead, especially with the fact their whole life up prior to this was supposed to be nothing but a dream.

There was some movement from his sleeping husband and Ken watched him stretch out like a cat and end up more on top of Ken than beside him, head placed right on his chest so he could use him as a pillow. Ken had to keep himself from laughing, amused at Liam’s ability to take up space even though he wasn’t all that big of a person. He didn’t want to wake him up and have Liam worry about him not being asleep when it’s so late and there was just the obvious fact that he didn’t want to have Liam lose sleep just because Ken was. Carefully moving his free arm (as his other was currently partially under Liam), he reached up and gently touched his hair, making sure not to wake him. Sometimes it’s hard to know what he was missing having a relationship with a ghost, but now he knew just from doing something as simple as touching him.

It didn’t matter to Ken whether or not that the dream was real. All he wanted was for Liam to stay alive and if that meant living under another name with a different job, he’d do it. Ken wasn’t stupid enough to think that he was in the majority with his train of thought and he knew most people would want to return to the “dreams.” He wasn’t going to stop them from trying. No, he’d help them find out the truth no matter what it was. All he wanted was the chance to stay with Liam while he’s still alive. If this is only temporary, he is just going to spend the time he has doing everything he couldn’t do when Liam was a ghost.

Seeming content with his thoughts now, Ken moved a bit to make himself more comfortable, getting an annoyed noise out of Liam in response. He smiled and looked down at him, amused that even moving a bit didn’t wake him up.Even if this is all a lie, he’s glad to have this chance even for a short while. Part of him wondered if Liam feels the same way. Ah well, it’s something to leave until tomorrow when both of them are awake, not now when a half-asleep man would give no real answer to his question. Putting an arm around him carefully, Ken closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.
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